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Preceptorship Program

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The Nurse Practitioner Preceptorship Program is a clinical program for current NP/DNP students. Participants practice the skills they have learned throughout their educational process, while developing new clinical skills in the process.


Through hands-on training and in the classroom, nurse practitioner graduates at Shenandoah Medical Care Center (SMCC) are continually learning to improve both their careers and the care they provide. Experienced and caring staff, guide and mentor each student individually to achieve the level of excellence that is the SMCC and AANP standard.


Shenandoah Medical Care Center is a walk in and primary care clinic, located in southeast Lake Worth, FL. SMCC is right off I-95, so commuting is a breeze. Our prime location is within a plaza that offers opportunities for fitness, nutrition, socialization, and community outreach. The clinic is close to the highly recommended assisted living facility, Atria Meridian and John F. Kennedy hospital.



To participate in the program, participants are required to be:
• Current and/or past APRN, MS/DNP students

Application Process

To apply, participants must submit:
• A completed application
• An updated resume
• Required approval school forms
• Updated student/employee physical
• Financial agreement


Once selected, the NP student will be placed with providers for the required number of clinical hours. The exact order or rotations may vary on an individualized basis. The rotation provides experience in Family Medicine, Adult/Geriatric Care, and Women’s Health.

NP students will be required to conduct an exit interview to help improve the NP Preceptorship Program.


Practice settings may include:

• SMCC (North and South, depending on student's location)

• Local Rehabilitation Facilities

• Assisted Living Facilities

• Additional rotations may include Internal Medicine, Immediate Care/Urgent Care, Extended Care facilities, & Rehabilitation/Assisted Living


• Patient physical assessment

• Completing and interpreting 12 Lead EKG

• Prescription Writing

• Collaborating with other physicians and specialties

• Diagnostic interpretation with successful patient explanation

• EHR Training

• Networking Opportunities

• Creating collaborative agreements (Last 4 weeks) 

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Schedule and Fee

• See Financial Agreement

Nonrefundable $40 Application Fee includes processing and submission of university/school required documentation, such as collaborative agreement, practice/provider CV/resume, etc.

The application and prospective start date are on a rolling basis per student. Applicants who best meet the requirements and have submitted all necessary paperwork will be contacted for a phone, Zoom, or in-person interview.

For more information, please call 561-619-9510.

Thank you for showing interest in the SMCC Nurse Practitioner Preceptorship Program. Please sign below to verify that you have read and understand the information presented, and would like to begin the application process. 

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